Posted by: Atwater Historical Society | July 19, 2016

July 2016 Atwater Historical meeting scheduled

The Atwater Historical Society will have its Wednesday, July 27, 2016 meeting at 7:30 PM., located at the Society Museum 1219 State Route 183, next to the Atwater Town Hall. The Atwater Historical Society welcomes Nora Custer a local paranormal investigator to speak this month on just what is a ghost and how do they affect us. She will also explain her experiences investigating across the country including the issues facing preservation efforts in the paranormal field. She will also show some of the equipment they have used while investigating. There will be questions answered (if she knows them!) and all are welcome to participate in this open discussion at the Atwater Historical Museum. The meeting is free and open the public. There will be free hot and cold beverages with snacks. We always have a fun evening For information call 330-715-3196


  1. I know this is in Ohio but where? Does she travel out of the state to give lectures? Maybe Kentucky. What does she charge?

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