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Atwater Historical Members give the museum a nice clean house!

Here are some photos of the fun had before our July meeting.  Please forgive me as I am not familiar with all the faces as of yet.  I am still a newbie member…








I am truly sorry I did not get more photos.. So many members and everyone was cleaning up a storm.  I had to stay away from Alexandria – she was taking the green headed doo dad to the spiders in the corners!  :O)

Atwater Historical Society food drive a success!

Photo, Left to right.
AHS Society Secretary, Robert Stull,  AHS Treasurer, Emma Stanfield, Food Bank for Atwater, Randolph and Suffield Director, Gary Magno, Portage County Historical Society Historian, Wayne Enders.
Mr. Wayne Enders of the Portage County Historical Society gave a presentation at the Atwater Historical Meeting April 22nd.  His presentation was on the Civil War and how it evolved  and how it affected Portage County and the Atwater Area.
Members and guest were ask to bring non perishable food for the Atwater, Randolph, and Suffield food shelf.  Also the Atwater Historical Society donated a check of $100 to the food shelf.  Mr. Gary Magno (director of the food shelf) was in attendance to accept the check and the food.


Mr. Don Sampson will be giving a presentation on Southern Portage County’s  Coal Mines

The Atwater Historical Society had a packed house at there Tuesday evening Meeting for a presentation By Mr. Don Sampson on  the coal mines of southern Portage County. The presentation told of safety in the mines in the late 1800s and 1900s and the 12 year old boys that worked in the mines, also the locations of the mines today in Deerfield and Atwater area.  Mr. Sampson is the Vice President of the Deerfield Historical Society and was accompanied by his Lovely wife Sally Who is the society’s Treasure.  The meeting was rescheduled from the previous Wednesday because of the snow storm.

A mind captivated group listens intently to the presentation

A mind captivated group listens intently to the presentation

President Ron Stanfield,Tonight's speaker Don Simpson, and Vice President Gordon Weber

President Ron Stanfield,Tonight's speaker Don Sampson, and Vice President Gordon Weber


  1. Where is Atwater. What state. Do you have members in Massachusetts or Kentucky. I need more information on the Grate family. Thanks, Dinah

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