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Our meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM at the Atwater Historical Society next to the Town Hall located at 1219 State Route 183, Atwater, Ohio.

Various items for sale: see visit AHS.

Atwater Historical Society

April 2011

Established July 24th,  1996



Ron Stanfield 330-947-3589

Vice President

Claude Custer 330-947-3063


Emma Stanfield 330-947-3589


Robert Stull  330-428-2343

Society Chaplain

Claude Custer  330-947-3063

Archives Historic Records and documents

Historian – Writer and Specialist in History

Membership Coordinator

Emma Stanfield – 330-947-3589

Website Administrator

Tina Mann 330-947-6058


Term expires 4/30/2012

Robert Stull 330-428-2343

Alexandra Custer 330-947-3063

Annell Robertson 330-947-3114

Term Expires 4/30/2013

Danny Derreberry – 330-947-3573

Claude Custer – 330-947-3063

Emma Stanfield – 330-947-3589

Term Expires 4/30/2014

Ronald Stanfield 330-947-3589

Tracy Magrell – 330-221-2015

Tina Mann 330-947-6058


  1. I was just wondering if the Atwater Historical Society was having a “Garage” type sale like was held last year in June??? Last years event was really great!!! All of the historical stuff is so interesting!!! Thanks, Jay Baker

  2. Yes!! The Society is looking for Venders for our annual Flea Market on June 20th 2009. For more information call 330-947-3589. Thank you for your inquiry!

  3. I am in the process of tracking my family — surname LYNN. My branch comes through Brimfield Township; however, there is a LYNN line in Atwater Township, so I am assuming that there is a connection that I am trying to figure out. The first entry I have for Atwater Township is January 27, 1815 — a deed / grantor Banner Williams / grantee Andrew LYNN.

    QUESTION: Is(are) there a cemetery(s) in Atwater Township covering this period? If so, what is the address of the Sexton?

    Thank you.

  4. I’m a W.W. disabled veteran writing a book on the Great Depression. I want to incluse Ida Mae Stull’s story. I would greatly appreciate it if you would e-mail me her picture, circa 1934 to go with the story. I’m on a limited income and cannot pay for the photo, but if you would send the photo with permission to use it, I would give due credit to you in the book. Harry M. Bobonich, Ph.D.

  5. I have found some new information about my Grandfather Otho Clyde Grate. He was b. Oct 27, 1890. In MO. Died Nov, 14, 1918 in Arizona but layed to rest in MO. His father was William Grate b. June 26, 1850 and named by his grandfather William. The young William died Sept. 1929 by falling into scalding water. He married Elizabeth Grimes They had at least 6 children. Williams father was Matthew Grate. b. in Ohio. William died in Arizona as he was living with one of his daughters at the time. Elizabeth died at the age of 57 of heart failure. I have a copy of her death certificate. If any of this matches anyone out there you can contact me at I would love to hear from you. Dinah S. (GRATE) Deck

  6. when is the next meeting? I was sick last thursday and couldnt make it!

  7. Wed. Sept 6, 6:30 PM at the historical museum Nice to have you!!!

  8. Great work on getting the monument restored and upgraded. Preserve now or face losing things like this forever. Congratulations to your entire committee and all who helped physically or financially with this project.

  9. I am wondering if there is any knowledge of a story that my friends have told me about a terrible schoolhouse fire that may have taken place in the early to mid 1900’s in Atwater in an area near what is now Juniper and Valley streets. An older man who lived in that area that I knew told of of a tragic fire that took the lives of several young students in Atwater. Although he was not old enough to be there of course, he has been a resident of Atwater his whole life and so were his realtives. This is a story that was passed down to him over the years.

  10. I am trying to get info. on an Atwater football team in 1921 that my father played on. I have a picture of the team and the names of all the players. This is not a high school or pick up team but the players are adult men. Any info would be appreciated.

  11. I’am a relic hunter (metal detecting) and was wondering if someone could contact me about, Atwater Coal Company. I’am looking for a map to see who currently owns the land or if it is available to relic hunt on. Anything that I find that is of historic value I would gladly donate to the historical society, as long as i get a picture for trophy room. If you have any maps available please contact me at

  12. James,

    We do have a group of men who have interest in the Atwater Coal company. I will forward this to them and have them contact you direct!


  13. I am looking for info on an ancestor Dr. Evan Warrington, who was a physician in Atwater beginning 1857. There is a bio on him in “History of Portage County, Ohio” 1885. I was wondering who I might contact about finding out more about him. Thank you.

  14. Do you have access to city directories for Atwater Oh.My ancestors are buried in Atwater and i am trying to find when they came back to ohio.
    I would be interested in yrs 1893-19067.

  15. Hi Renee; not sure what exactly you are looking for; if you can be more specific I may be able to assist you easier. The address that you can google is 1219 State Route 183, Atwater, Ohio 44201. If you google it and put in the address you are looking for it will give you directions to our location. Please let me know if I can assist you more.

    Tina Mann

  16. This weekend, my attention was drawn to a gravestone in the Atwater Cemetary bearing two civil war flags. It appears that two brothers, possibly twins, died within 4 days of each other; one in Charleston, SC, the other in Charleston, WVa. Rufus and Edward Butler. I found Rufus A Butlar (notice the different spelling) in the 7th OVI, Co. G listing; they were in the Charleston, WVa area in October, 1861. Edward Butler presented more challenge. Looks like Battery D, 1st OLA. The 1st Ohio Light Artillery was around KY at the time of his death. Any thoughts or more information? Interesting story, at any rate. Thanks.

  17. No problem. As you can see, I hadn’t checked the site for a few weeks either. And,I don’t have a newborn. Congratulations!

  18. Hello to All!

    I wanted to let you know that in January 2011, the Reed Memorial Library in Ravenna OH will be hosting the “Forever Free: Abraham Lincoln’s Journey to Emancipation” Exhibit. It will be here for a couple months. There will be an opening reception in January and many various programs including “Lincoln In Song” by Chris Vallillo! (The show is designed to be an interactive, accessible, program that educates as well as entertains. It covers Lincoln ‘s life from his birth on the big south fork of Nolan’s Creek in Kentucky in 1809 through his death in 1865. It has been performed in association with the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, The Lincoln Home National Historic site and various touring exhibits including Forever Free from the Huntington Library. Abraham Lincoln in Song has recently been endorsed by the Illinois Lincoln Bicentennial Commission. The show works well for both school audiences (grade 3 and up) and adult audiences.) I thought you could use this info and pass it along to other historical groups and persons you may know. There is no charge for any of our programs. Please keep updated at our website


  19. Hi, hey, what steps does a person have to take to see pictures #96 and #97? Thank you,

  20. Hi,
    I have a new website dedicated to Merced County. I am looking for submission of articles about Merced County. If you have someone who has published a book about Atwater, and was willing to write, I will promote the book for free.
    For information please go to the website. Thank you Brad

  21. My step grandmother’s maiden name was Hogel. Pretty certain she was born in Atwater around 1888. In the mid-fifties we use to visit her relatives (Chet Strong) on a farm on Rt 183. I would to find out anything I can.

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks, Don Burkholder

  22. Brad,

    This is a website for Atwater, Ohio. We do have books if you are still interested in promoting! :O)

    Tina Mann
    Web manager

  23. Diane,

    I will see if I can scan #96 and #97 and put them on the website. I have to find the article in order to do this. Please give me some time to get this up, say a week? Thanks

  24. I have an old book called Atwater’s American Farmers’ Figures. It was written by Joshua Atwater and published by Atwater Publishing House in Peoria, Illinois. Do you know if this would have been Caleb Atwater’s son? If yes are you interested in having this book? It was copyrighted in the 1860’s and this 11th edition is from 1903. If you do want the book, please let me know where to mail it. Thanks!

  25. i was just wondering if you could give a history of the house that is now the museum or if there is a link to that somewhere. i was told my uncle lived there at one time and i was just wondering if there was any way to verify it i guess. I’m not sure of the exact time frame but i do know he was in atwater in the 1960s for sure.

  26. A marriage occurred in Portage County of a resident of Atwater on Jan. 28, 1857. The groom’s name was Jeremiah Fisher and the bride name was Mary Ann Frank, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Frank.

    The residents are the Frank family, found on the 1850 and 1860 census. The unknown is the groom Jeremiah Fisher. A Jeremiah Fisher was found on the 1850 census in Mahoning county, abt 16 miles from Atwater but the six years are a mystery.

    Simply what I am asking is this. Is there any possibility of locating a newspaper that would carry articles about the Atwater area around the time of the marriage.

    The full extent of this search is the hope that something in a local newspaper would carry an article that would give the name of the parents of Jeremiah Fisher and any other tidbits.

    For that matter would your organization care to have the obit of Mary Ann Frank who died in Albion, Boone County, NE?

  27. If memory serves me, the historical society house used to be the residence of the cemetery sexton. A fellow Atwater HS classmate (’63), Roger Hormel lived there. It’s been a “few” years, but I think they lived there in the 50s, too.

  28. I was told (as i never actually met my great uncle) that my great uncle Lester Laubert and his wife took care of the Atwater Cemetery at one time. Does anyone remember this name?

  29. I am in the process of looking for information about my paternal great grandparents, Ellard( b, May 3, 1853 in Atwater Twp. and died Mar. 14, 1918) and Stella Wise Meredith (b Oct. 31, 1861 in Braceville and died June 2, 1916 in Atwater Twp.) My husband and I were able to find their grave stone in the Atwater cemetery. My understanding is that Ellard was the son of David and Orra Ann Chittenden Meredith. Orra Ann was the daughter of Bill and Hannah Blakesley Chittenden who came to Atwater from Connecticut in the early 1800’s.

    I would really like information on where Ellard and Stella lived and what he did for a living. My grandfather was their oldest son, Hershell True. I also understand that Ellard may have had a first wife.

    Are there still any Merediths, Chittendens or Blakesleys who still live in the area? Is there any place to track down a copy of my grandfather’s birth certificate? He was born August 5, 1888 in Atwater.

    Thank you in advance for your response.

    Marybeth Anderson

  30. I was going through a box of items that belonged to my father and found a hard back Atwater’s American Farmer’s Figurer, eighth edition and I believe it is signed on the first page underneath the picture of Joshua Atwater. It appears that it was printed in 1902 by J. W. Franks & Son’s of Peoria, Illinois. I’m pretty sure it belonged to my great grandfather as he was from Peoria and the time-line would be correct. The book is in wonderful condition and I was wondering if it was worth anything? Would a collector be interested in it?

  31. I am one of John Grate’s neices that was involved when we rededicated the memorial. Bob Stull has known me since I was in diapers. My Uncle Eddie is interested in obtaining one of the books you published on Uncle John and I was wondering how much they are and when you are open so I may come out and purchase one.

    Thank you,
    Crystal Hostetler

  32. I was curious if the society has any photos of the Atwater Basket Co. or any articles about the train wreck that demolished it.

  33. Dear Sir,Madame

    Currently I researching a Atwater hero soldier who died during WW2 in Operations over The Netherlands on 21/22 May 1944. His name is Alan Arthur Jepson who was a Warrant Officer Air Gunner in the RCAF. His service number was R/167555. Arthur Jepson was the Son of Arthur and Doris Jepson of Atwater, Saskatchewan, Canada. His plane was shotdown over Holland just on the border Holland/Belgium. He and four other crewmates perished at the crash. I have the intention to get in touch with relatives of each of the crewmembers. Hopefully you can help me with this matter????

    Best Wishes and I looking forward to hear from you soon,
    Adrian van Zantvoort,Eindhoven, The Netherlands

  34. Hi,
    My friend rescued Vol. 1-23 of the Ohio Archeology & Historical Society Journals from an old school that was being demolished. He has had them for several years and now would like to pass them on. I volunteered to try to find a home for them. Would your society be interested in them as a donation; or are you aware of any other organization that would be interested in receiving the collection.

    Thank you

    Jackie Beach

  35. Jackie, We would be honored to accept them. We can see if they contain any history of the area and get them to those who may be interested. Please contact me at for information on how to receive them.

  36. I know that this has been a topic discussed before and I will see if we have any information for you. We only meet once a month so please be patient!

  37. Hello again, I wrote last week in regards to the Bloss house and its claims of unusual claims I have read about and have heard about recently from children who have had experiances that frightened them. My daughter who is my equipment tech/investigater even had an experiance that after last night we had to chaulk up to just a sticky old door knob to the door under the stairs.
    I was using a device last night that measures EMF and got some high readings. These fields can cause people discomfort and I would like to look into this further. If possible please let me know. I look forwarx to your reply.

  38. I would like to find any and all information on the Hillyer family, Thomas and relitives. They resided in Atwater township and Alliance. I know there were documents for a 100 yr lease on the property owned that were donated to the historical society by my mother, Virginia Hillyer Gaylord, when I was only seven or eight years old. I am now seventy five. I would really like to have copies of the documents if possible. Can you help me?

  39. My grandfather was Robert f. Shaffer. He used to tell me storys about his familys farm in Atwater and working in the coal mines. His father and mother are buried in the Atwater Cemetary. I believe this is the same Shaffer as the Shaffer Bothers mine. I would like to get more information.

  40. Hi, was wondering if there is any historic records for the winton area. Or were there any mass death records in the myrtle area of winton .. or maybe the area was an old graveyard? Does anyone have any information on this area at all? thanks sincerely sg

  41. Hi, I am looking at buying a historic home in Atwater and I was wondering if there was a membership or any perks that the historic society offered for such homes. Thanks

  42. Steve,
    I am not sure if you are talking about an area around Atwater Ohio in Portage County? Can you please give more details? Thanks!

  43. Hello,
    I see that your meetings are the 4th Wednesday of each month. With the 4th Wednesday of this month being Christmas Eve, will there be a meeting? I will be in the area and would like to attend if the meeting takes place. I have a photo of an Atwater restaurant where my great grandmother’s sister (Ida Given) was the manager, according to the 1940 census. Unfortunately, the name of the restaurant (or bar?) is not visible in the photo, nor is it given in the census. I would like see if anyone recognizes the building in the photo. The owner of the establishment in 1940 was Donald Shaffer.

  44. While we do not have any perks for the historical homes in the area, feel free to contact us or come to a meeting and ask about the home. If we have the members at the meeting who remember the home you may end up with some neat stories about it!

  45. Is there any books small, medium, or large about the GRATE family, Bibles, Town record, Church records, births deaths etc. I would be interested in purchasing copies of most anything you may have. Dinah GRATE Deck

  46. Does anyone have the names of John Grate’s children and the year each was bnorn

  47. Hello, Please help me, Is the Atwater Coal mine the same property that the Ravenna Arsenal built on? Pete

  48. Pete;

    No it is not. Atwater is south of the Ravenna Arsenal.

  49. Dinah,

    I will check and see if we still have some books on John Grate for you.

  50. Thanks so very much, Dinah Grate Deck

  51. I need to find out whom to contact to fix a fallen tombstone and also one that is leaning very badly.

  52. Hi there:
    My name is Mary Ridenour and I attended the Indian Horse demonstration on June 24th. I had asked the lady who put on the demo for her card. She sent it to me on the phone but it did not come thru. Could you possibly give me her name and phone number. I would really like to contact her to be in our “Veterans Parade.” My email is Thank you;

  53. I was wondering how to get an original will for Ransom Baldwin from Oct 1886. All I can find is a probate and not a copy of the original. Thanks!

  54. My great grandmother Hanna Lundquist and grandfather Saloman Lundquist lived in Gennesse twp from 1885 to 1909. I am looking for information in the paper or your old book about them.

  55. I have a Joshua Atwater,American Farmers Figure hard back in great condition,According to Act of Congress it was entered in 1885 by Joshua Atwater.All rights reserved copyright years 1886,1887,1888,1899,1901,1903,1903,1909,1910.Copyright 1910 by Joshua Atwater,Published by Atwater Publishing House in Peoria,Illinois.What is this book worth

  56. I have a American Farmers Figured Enlarged by Joshua Atwater copyright 1910 is it worth anything

  57. A marriage occurred in Portage County of a resident of Atwater on Jan. 28, 1857. The groom’s name was Jeremiah Fisher and the bride name was Mary Ann Frank, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Frank.

    The residents are the Frank family, found on the 1850 and 1860 census. The unknown is the groom Jeremiah Fisher. A Jeremiah Fisher was found on the 1850 census in Mahoning county, abt 16 miles from Atwater but the six years are a mystery.

    Simply what I am asking is this. Is there any possibility of locating a newspaper that would carry articles about the Atwater area around the time of the marriage.

    The full extent of this search is the hope that something in a local newspaper would carry an article that would give the name of the parents of Jeremiah Fisher and any other tidbits.

    For that matter would your organization care to have the obit of Mary Ann Frank who died in Albion, Boone County, NE?

    Thank you from Jeremiah and Mary Ann’s great great granddaughter.

  58. Hi looking for info on a Oliver Vayner born 7/14/1936. Lived in Fairport Harbor Ohio, died 8/5/1997 in Atwater Ohio. My grandmother Mary Vajner lived with her brother Milhaly Vajner and his wife Marta Vajner, They had twins Steve and Julis. born in 1914. Steve married ? someone? from West Virginia and they had kids, Oliver was one of them. I want to learn about him and his family!! Oliver would of been my grandmother nephew. Not sure what MY relationship would be?? If there are any Vayner’s related to Oliver I would like to contact them!!! Thank You Craig!! Mary Vajner’s grandson!!!

  59. I have one of those books also,it was in something’s that belonged to my great grandfather

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