Posted by: Atwater Historical Society | February 10, 2011

A Challenge presented from Ron Stanfield, AHS President

Left to right: Peggy Shaver (K-8 Guidance Counselor), Ron Stanfield (President of AHS) Emma Stanfield (Treasurer of Historical Society), Andy Hill (Superintendent of Waterloo Schools), Phyllis Weber (AHS member), Gordon Weber (Vice-president of AHS), Todd Carpenter (Treasurer of Waterloo School System)

A challenge from the Atwater Historical Society to all other Organizations, businesses, churches and residents of the Waterloo School District to help feed our youth.
The Atwater Historical Society will be sponsoring help for the Waterloo School Lunch program.  After learning that there are approximately 19 children that do not qualify for school lunch assistance program because their income is borderline to minimum standards and do not qualify for Free and Reduced School Meals Program. These children are not getting a reduced lunch at school.  Those that are in the discount program pay $.40 for a meal which the normal charge is $2.  The Atwater Historical Society Board has unanimously voted to support our School children by donating $300 to the Waterloo School Treasurer for special lunch privileges for these children for the rest of the school year.  If you want to participate in this challenge call Ron Stanfield at 330-947-3589. Or send a check to the Waterloo School Treasurer (Todd Carpenter).

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