Posted by: Atwater Historical Society | January 19, 2010

Series of programs set for American Revoluntionary War

The Atwater Historical Society is presenting a series of programs on the American Revolutionary War in Ohio.  They will ultimately focus on Fort Laurens, the only Revolutionary War fort in Ohio.  Fort Laurens was a key outpost to protect the western frontier of the emerging America.  The programs, featuring speakers from the Friends of Fort Laurens Foundation, will begin on January 27, 2010, 7:30 p.m.  The first speaker will be Mr. Doug Pfouts to talk about the events of the Revolutionary War in and about the Ohio Valley.  Mr. Pfouts will display items from his collection along with pictures and maps.  Future speakers will include: February 24, 2010, Mr. Doug Angeloni, Fort Laurens Archeology, and March 24, 2010, Mr. Tom Pieper, Restoration and Preservation of Fort Laurens. The meetings are held at the Atwater Historical society Museum, 1219 St. Rt. 183, Atwater, Ohio. Programs are free and open to the Public.  Free beverage and snacks will be provided. Questions? Call 330-947-3589 or 330-947-3063

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