Posted by: Atwater Historical Society | April 29, 2009

A message from the president and Memorial info


Memorial news




We are all so proud of the fine work that D & C Renovations is providing for the monument that was displaced from the vehicle who lost control and went through the Atwater Cemetary.

Dave Delphia, Owner of D & C Renovations, His father Raymond Delphia, Larry Luzader, Juanita Luzader, with the assistance of Tim Whittlesey and Dave Alldridge from our road department have done a wonderful job putting the pieces back together.  Today I have seen the monument with all of the pieces put back together and they still continue their work in making sure that the monument still stand in loving memory in John Grate’s Honor.

We do not want to forget Mike Beckmann, owner of Bonstone Materials from this list of very special donators. Not only does he take the time to ship these products out for D&C Renovations, but he has donated the $2,500.00 in  materials to help assist in the repairing of the monument.   Paul Klees, an employee with Bonstone Materials was also very instrumental in helping with the supplies that were donated.

Contact information for both donors:

Bonstone Materials
707 Swan Drive
Mukwonago, Wisconsin 53149


D & C Renovations
465 S Prospect St
Ravenna, OH 44266
(330) 577-6083

Please feel free to post thank yous for their wonderful work to our website that we can forward to the companies.  We are in the process of putting more photos up as they continue to repair the monument.  As of this point, all of the large pieces are up and the monument looks wonderful to see intact again.  They are now working on the details on the stone.


  1. Hey David you and dad keep up the good work, would like to see a pic of it completed, bet it sure would look awsome after your done with it but you all be very careful with that heavy stone watch your feet and hands.
    will be looking foward to seeing the master piece all complete, keep sending the pics of your progress.

  2. ok i have an idea!!!! i know that the guys at D&C are donating there time to rebuild the john grate marker for free but i have seen them work and i know the tools there using and the gas to get to the monument also isnt free so maybe the great people of the township should start a donation jar at the local circle k and at the historcial meetings along with the town hall meetings to maybe help offset there costs because in my eyes why should a company have to eat all the costs of the repairs because someone did not have the proper insurance that’s required by law? just a thought… and on another note if those guys work this hard for free i can only imagine what they do for paying jobs . keep up the great work i cannot wait to see it done

  3. I have to say the work that is being done on the john grate marker is wonderful D&C is doing not only doing a great job but is doing it at a rapid pace… and the guys from the road department is also doing great, i have seen them all working and they are working like a fine oiled machine, but i have to ask one question where is the guy that hit the marker? im sure he’s not one of the guys who i have seen working on the marker . is he in jail? and when its completed i hope the township does something for D&C Bonstone and the guys from the township for all they have done to preserve this great memorial to last alot longer

  4. are you going to update the website with new pictures? some of us cannot/ do not got out everyday and would like to see the progress of the grate marker .. keep up the great work everybody

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